David Hoyt

David L. Hoyt is one of the most prolific and influential game and puzzle developers in the world. David is also well-known for his genius with words and concepts and his creative thinking as a designer. Hoyt's games are played by millions of people each day on a multitude of platforms. His Word Round Up and Up & Down Words are seen daily in USA Today and online at,,, as well as a multitude of other sites and platforms. 

He is partnered with major companies and celebrities to develop unique brands of games as well as extensions of some existing popular games. Some examples include Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters, Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems, Pat Sajak's Code Letters, Jumble Crosswords, TV Jumble, Jumble BrainBusters, UNO 52, and UNO Free Fall. 

David Hoyt's games can be found on virtually all major online game sites, in newspapers, on mobile devices, incorporated into slot machines and more. He's also invented and sold  board games to both Hasbro and Mattel and has published more than 30 game and puzzle books. 

Bob Williams

Bob Williams is an expert and innovative programmer of interactive games and puzzles. He is an online game industry veteran and the founder of RMW Media Integration.  RMW was founded in 1993, focusing on interactive media and transitioning to the games space in the late 90's.  One of the early pioneers in browser based gaming, RMW released its first online game in 1998.  Since that time RMW has successfully published content played by hundreds of millions worldwide over the last decade under the igamebank® brand.   A few of those favorites include Two Minute Football, Streetball Showdown, and Diamond Crosswords(tm).   RMW has worked with major brands and portals around the world to provide outstanding online game experiences.   A few of those include, ESPN/Owens Corning, Mountain Dew Code Red, 7UP, TMS/McDonalds, TF1 France, Truth, Scion, and many more.  Bob is currently developing and publishing new content and concepts for original game intellectual property in addition to working and consulting on social game integration for new and existing brands.