For magazine publishers

How to use theme crosswords to increase your ad revenues

We have found that you can run a theme crossword (tailored to your readers' interests) on the page opposite your inside back cover ad. (known as "Cover 3").

Your advertising director or sales personnel can sell sponsorship of the crossword to the company purchasing the ad on that page.

It makes sense to buy the sponsorship as the crossword holds readers on that page for a long time (much longer than horoscopes or articles that you might be currently using on that page).

Plus sponsoring a crossword is good positioning for the client.

And, we can include a reference to the client and their products in the crossword itself.

Several magazines are already doing this successfully.

For example, Habitat Magazine, New York's premier publication reporting on issues important to Co-Op and Condo Board Members and Property Managers uses Myles Mellor's theme crosswords to maximize its cover 3 (inside back page ad revenue). See how the Habitat Magazine ad and crossword look:

Contact Myles Mellor for details of pricing and supply of theme crosswords for this project.